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Common Questions

Unfortunately, I cannot promise a "zero tears coaching", simply because the cry is the primordial language for an infant/toddler. Certainly I am not advocating the cry-it-out method: I will never ever ask you to let your baby cry alone in a bed and in a dark room and to go and see him or her every 5-10-15 minutes. Rather, I will ask you to stay close to your baby until he or she falls asleep. This will mean that if she cries, you will be there to assist her and above all you will be able to understand what kind of cry it is and respond to it quickly.

On average two weeks, but for some families it can take longer. The timing is mainly related to the health of the child, who may have problems with teething, have a small virus or be going through peaks of motor/cognitive development during the coaching. These factors can slow down the coaching process.

Have you ever seen cases like ours? So far I have helped 200 families, none of them ''hopeless''! Obviously, each family is a microcosm, within millions of interactions, emotions, feelings... Of course, when I work with a family, I customise my support as much as possible so that we can reach our goals in the best possible way. The main thing will always be to focus on the existing difficulties, try to accept them and share thoughts, feelings and emotions as much as possible. With the right commitment, any situation can be resolved, leading to a much-deserved rest for everyone!

Absolutely not! Depending on the age of the baby and the advice of the paediatrician, we will see together if we can gradually, in a very gentle way, eliminate night feeds, but only that ones! As long as the mother and the baby want to breastfeed, they must do so. A sleep coaching will certainly can't decide when to stop a breastfeeding journey!

Immediately after the birth! Many studies have found that the earlier you start, the more benefits you have on the parent-child relationship. As a massage teacher, I highly recommend to the parents to take a course, very helpful to deal with tummy aches or crying at the end of the day, for example! If you are about to have a baby, start to look for massage teacher close to your home. If you live in Geneva, you can contact me directly and I will come to your place or redirect you to group session events