Support during the important stages of your child's development, particularly when learning to sleep. For peaceful nights, more serenity and increased self-confidence!

Dear families,

I am Valeria, an Italian citizen of the world: in 2010 I left Rome, to move to Geneva first, then Paris and Dubai. Married in 2011, I gave birth to Gaia in 2016 and to Giuseppe in 2018. Becoming a mother helped me to understand my love and passion for babies and my willingness to help them and their families.

Valeria de Grandis

Sleep consultations

Tired of your sleepless nights? I can help you! Call me for a consult and tips to let your child (and finally you!) sleep through the night!

Baby massage courses

Learn with me how to massage your baby and create a unique and deep conscious relationship with her!


Are you expecting a baby and want an informed, beautiful, mindful and unforgettable natural birth? I am here to assist you!


What my customers are saying about Rising Little Stars...

Valeria est très à l’écoute et nous a donné plein de trucs pour nous aider à comprendre le sommeil de notre fils de 4 mois! Les nuits sont bien plus reposantes et notre vie de famille plus douce!


Je recommande les services de Valéria à toutes les mamans ! Elle a su me rassurer et me conseiller dans ma nouvelle vie de maman pour assurer une routine sommeil à ma fille de 2 mois. Disponible, passionnée et très professionnelle. Valéria vous êtes formidable !!! ♥️


Valeria is just the best such a dedicated sleep coach, she takes her work very seriously always with a smile. Best sleep coach in Geneva




Comment reconnaître et gérer les trois types de troubles du sommeil les plus courants entre 18 mois et 5 ans ?
Les cauchemars et les terreurs nocturnes sont souvent confondus en termes de cause et de traitement. Il est essentiel de connaître la différence entre les deux pour déterminer la meilleure façon de traiter chaque épisode.

Let’s discover together the benefits of baby massage and how it can be a resource for all parents.

From scientific observations to common sense rules: how children who go to bed early in the evening sleep better… and longer! Almost every time I ask parents to put their children to bed very early in the evening (between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.), they promptly ask me: “Isn’t it better to put him to bed later? At least he’ll wake up later?” “Are you sure she won’t wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning?”